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Pioneering work

In 2014, Solar Transport Systems built the UK's first road-legal solar powered vehicle, SPV1. The result of a two-year proof of concept project, SPV1 demonstrated that solar power can successfully be used for commuter transport in sunny climates. Six years later we are proud to introduce the INTI, a two-seater car powered by the sun (don't worry, you can plug it in on cloudy days!). We are planning to deliver our first cars in 2023.

Why solar power?

Some of the world's largest cities are in developing countries where sunshine is plentiful, fossil fuels are expensive and air quality problems cause many premature deaths. Solar powered vehicles overcome the problem of a lack of charging infrastructure and provide widespread access to inexpensive clean transport. Green issues aside, we think our customers will warm to the idea of free fuel for life...

How the INTI works


The INTI's photovoltaics are continuously capturing the sun's energy and storing it in a battery which charges in a day of average sunshine. When the INTI is driven, the battery powers an electric motor which gives it a range of up to 50 miles. Average urban journeys are typically less than 10 miles so the INTI has got most of your journeys covered. If you need additional range, you can plug the INTI into a household socket and top up the battery. 

​Our vision


The INTI is the first in a range of solar cars we plan to produce to meet the needs of urban and suburban users in sunny climates. For passenger journeys up to 50 miles or to carry light cargo, we aim to make solar power the natural choice of consumers.​

Chassis Testing - Summer 2022
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